About Us

This is the unfolding of a tale voiced through the ethereal glisten of the jewels. Each gemstone underwent its own remarkable journey through mother nature’s geological processes as it then manifested itself into becoming a serendipitous beauty. All the natural gems flaunt their variety of color and the abundance of characteristic involvement is a distinctive feature of it’s rarity. The Naraya team then carefully hand-picked the most miraculous and exceptional gems of the highest quality to venture on the voyage of becoming a treasured piece of art. 

My lady collection

The creation of the My Lady collection symbolizes love and femininity, as it perpetuates the idea of gracefulness and elegance. The My Lady collection is designed to show the graceful and charming allure of the bow motif. The flowing ribbons intricately weave together to create an array of exquisite necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.